The process to file income tax returns...

The process to file income tax returns...

An individual earning below Rupees 5 lakhs per annum doesn’t need to file any return. PAN number, Bank account details, Aadhaar Card, the address of the house property, Form 16, Pay Slips etc. are needed for filing of income tax return. You should have these documents ready. Likewise, some other details are required as well if you have any mutual funds like details of mutual fund statement, sale and purchase of equity funds, debt funds etc. Accurate information should be filed because of the government checks the information provided.

There are two steps of filing a tax return, one is to file by in person and second is to file online. Here is how you can file your income tax returns online : 

The first step you have to login to E-filing application, now you have to go to E-file and submit ‘ITR Online’ then you have to select the income tax return form and the assessment year. Fill the details in the form and then click the submit button. After submission, an acknowledgment detail will be displayed.

There is a separate way to file your income tax return in-person also. You can collect the income tax return form from the income Tax office and fill it with attached documents and proofs and then you can post it to the Income Tax Office.


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